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Our current policies are not conducive to Canadian wage growth. Year after year, Canadian policies have been focused on short term growth, as opposed to sustainable, long term prosperity.

I recognize that companies seek to be profitable and may require special skills and experience to do so. When Canadians are unable to fulfill positions, it is much easier to hire an immigrant to fill these positions. By using immigration as a go-to-solution, instead of a last resort, an entire generation of Canadians can be undercut and never given the opportunity to develop marketable skills.

The symptom is being treated when we should be treating the problem. Do Canadians lack the necessary skills? If so, why? Could it be unreasonably high cost of education, low employment opportunities, and unreasonable wages? Do these factor-in in not having opportunities to develop the necessary skills?

I would aim to resolve this issue in a practical manner - the focus must be placed on helping Canadians realize their potential. One of the measures to be implemented will be removing all forced incentives to hire immigrants as opposed to Canadians.