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The largest challenge facing climate change is the general population not adopting greener practices. The issue is that we all have needs that must be met while we go about our daily living. Those that have lower incomes will be less concerned about the environment when they are stressed over putting food on their table and keeping a roof over their heads.

I believe the best way to get the general population to be more green in their actions is to provide them reasonable alternatives.  Reasonable alternatives may include lab grown meat and improving electric vehicle infrastructure. Canada needs to foster an environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. While initiatives like the carbon tax may have merit, Canada is already a relatively green country. The carbon tax doesn't make sense to me if Canadians are going to keep buying products that originate in countries who seem to not be concerned with environmental stewardship.

I believe that instead of only penalizing, we need to be providing an incentive for companies to go green.